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The easiest way to earn
Passive Income via NFTs 


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Collect & Own

eFootball NFTs

  • Romanian First League teams

  • UEFA Champions League teams

  • 10,000 unique collectible NFTs

  • 253 hand drawn layers

  • Impressively Passive income

  • 1 x iPhone 14, for every 1000 NFT sold

  • Whitelisting rights for EFOO Seed Sale

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Collect & Own

Goalkeeper NFTs

  • Amazing design

  • Just 1,000 unique collectible NFTs

  • 340 hand drawn layers

  • Passive income booster

  • Stocks of the project doubling

  • Voting rights doubling

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Own 3 to 10 eFootball NFTs

  • If you have more than 2 eFootball NFT in your wallet, you are already eligible for passive incomes.

  • After 3 players you get 15% APR. and +5% APR for each new player (after 10 players the calculation starts over).

  • If you own just eFootball NFTs (without Goalkeeper) your rank is Champion.

Boost your earnings with 1 Goalkeeper NFT

  • If you have more than 2 eFootball NFT and 1 Goalkeeper NFT in your wallet, the Goalkeeper will double your incomes.

  • If you own eFootball NFTs with 1 Goalkeeper NFT your rank is Hero.

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Earn extra ranks by owning multiple NFTs

  • Be a Legend by owning more then 10 eFootball NFTs.

  • Be an Elite by owning more then 10 eFootball NFTs and more then 1 Goalkeeper NFTs.

  • Be The King of the MultiversX by owning more then 20 eFootball NFTs and more then 2 Goalkeeper NFTs.

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Two funny ways to earn $eFOO

Telegram quiz

Rafi hosts a daily football-themed quiz game on Telegram, offering participants the chance to win $EFOO. Please note that the game is suspended on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The quiz game usually takes place at 16:00 UTC. Join us and test your knowledge of football trivia for a chance to win exciting rewards!

Zealy quests

Explore Crew3's fun quests and win valuable prizes such as NFTs and $EFOO tokens. By participating in learn2earn quests, players can also gain new skills while earning rewards. Get to know the details of the project and its mission through these exciting quests. Join and start your quest journey to win big and learn more about the project!

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