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The easiest way to earn
Passive Income via NFTs 


Provide liquidity on xExchange or OneDex & earn EFOO up to 107% APR!
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Collect & Own

eFootball NFTs

  • Romanian First League teams

  • UEFA Champions League teams

  • 1000(0) unique collectible NFTs

  • 253 hand drawn layers

  • Impressively Passive income

  • 1 x iPhone 14, for every 1000 NFT sold

  • Whitelisting rights for EFOO Seed Sale

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Collect & Own

Goalkeeper NFTs

  • Amazing design

  • Just 1,000 unique collectible NFTs

  • 340 hand drawn layers

  • Passive income booster

  • Stocks of the project doubling

  • Voting rights doubling

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Own 3 to 10 eFootball NFTs

  • If you have more than 2 eFootball NFT in your wallet, you are already eligible for passive incomes.

  • After 3 players you get 15% APR. and +5% APR for each new player (after 10 players the calculation starts over).

  • If you own just eFootball NFTs (without Goalkeeper) your rank is Champion.

Boost your earnings with 1 Goalkeeper NFT

  • If you have more than 2 eFootball NFT and 1 Goalkeeper NFT in your wallet, the Goalkeeper will double your incomes.

  • If you own eFootball NFTs with 1 Goalkeeper NFT your rank is Hero.

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Earn extra ranks by owning multiple NFTs

  • Be a Legend by owning more then 10 eFootball NFTs.

  • Be an Elite by owning more then 10 eFootball NFTs and more then 1 Goalkeeper NFTs.

  • Be The King of the MultiversX by owning more then 20 eFootball NFTs and more then 2 Goalkeeper NFTs.

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''Prominent athletes, football clubs, and brand ambassadors will join forces with EFOOTBALL-X to support our mission of revolutionizing the world of football through HighLight Video NFTs.''

Nagy H Lajos, CEO EFootball-X

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